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BTI is a major supplier of lifting equipment in the Midlands. Our Birmingham stores carry large stocks of loose lifting equipment, all of which are ex stock.

Dee and bow shackles 0.5te-125.0te

Chain slings made to order

Eye bolts

Polyester web slings, endless and belt

Wire rope slings, made to order

Lever hoists

Hand Chain hoists

Electric hoists, chain and wire rope

Girder clamps and beam trolleys

Jacking equipment, various types, ratchet jacks, hydraulic jacks (please call)


BTI is also a major supplier of safety equipment to the construction industry. Listed below are some of our most popular supplied items.

Full body harnesses

Energy absorbers and lanyards

Anchor line-fall arresters

Fall protection vests

Fall arrester and life line systems

Above is just a small selection of what we supply, if you do not see what you are looking for please give us a call to discuss your particular requirements.

BTI's mobile crane division is also a major supplier of Wylie, loadwise and PAT safe load indicators, which can be repaired or new installations be fitted either on site or at our Birmingham workshops.


Endless round slings:

1000kgs-1mtr circ £2.03, 1000kgs-2mtr circ £2.90, 1000kgs-3mtr circ £3.60 and 1000kgs-4mtr circ £4.29

2000kgs-1mtr circ £2.49, 2000kgs-2mtr circ £3.92, 2000kgs-3mtr circ £5.02 and 2000kgs-4mtr circ £6.47

3000kgs-1mtr circ £3.03, 3000kgs-2mtr circ £5.11, 3000kgs-3mtr circ £6.94 and 3000kgs-4mtr circ £8.90

5000kgs-2mtr circ £6.69,5000kgs-3mtr circ £9.45 and 5000kgs-4mtr circ £13.50

Web slings:

1000kgs-1mtr EWL £3.40, 1000kgs-2mtr EWL £4.05 and 1000kgs-3mtr EWL £5.33

2000kgs-1mtr EWL £4.58, 2000kgs-2mtr EWL £6.38 and 2000kgs-3mtr EWL £8.83

3000kgs-1mtr EWL £6.40, 3000kgs-2mtr EWL £9.40 and 3000kgs-3mtr EWL £13.23

Please note: we make the full range of web and endless slings from 1000kgs to 12,000kgs with all types of lengths to suit your needs.

Shackles: Alloy Bow screw Pin (green)

1000kgs £2.47, 2000kgs £3.77, 3250kgs £4.93. 4750kgs £6.49, 6500kgs £8.97 and 8500kgs £12.73

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